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Discin' Disciples

All-Access Pass

All-Access Pass

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With your donation of only $12 per month, you'll receive an annual bag tag, North and South chapter specific bag tags (for the middle TN chapter), $15 off any* PDGA tournament entry fees that are hosted by Discin’ Disciples), 10% off purchases at the Discin' Disciples store, and much more!

On top of that, receive one complimentary companion all-access pass for a household member (spouse, child, live-in parent, etc.) whenever they come out to play!

To get started, simply click on "Add to cart" and proceed to checkout. 

Best of all, you're helping to support the ministry that is passionate about disc golf, discipleship, & Christian fellowship through your generous monthly giving!

*In 2024 for the Middle TN chapter, aside from the standard bag tag that we will continue to use for monthly rounds, there will be a North and South chapter specific bag tag available again for swapping during our weekly fellowship and/or casual meetup rounds. As part of your all-access pass benefits, you receive an annual bag tag and both chapter bag tags as well.

$15 off includes tournaments that Discin' Disciples host; tournaments where we coordinate, but do not host may be excluded. 

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