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Annual Bag Tags

Annual Bag Tags

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Get your annual bag tag here and be ready to go for all of the singles’, random draw doubles’ events, & fun pick-up rounds throughout the year.

Bag tag lanyard for affixing to your bag are usually available at our events as well.

*Continued for the Middle TN chapter*
Specialty chapter specific bag tags for North & South for swapping during our weekly fellowship and/or casual meetup rounds. 

**All-access pass members receive a standard bag tag and any specialty chapter bag tags (in chapters where offered) as part of their membership benefits.

***All-access pass membership covers your bag tag cost when going to play with another chapter as well (i.e. Receive a Southern KY bag tag at no cost if you’re an all-access pass member that normally plays with Middle TN or if you happen to be traveling and playing from another chapter!) when you show your all-access pass email receipt to a chapter event officer. 

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