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Discin' Disciples

Custom Whale Sacs

Custom Whale Sacs

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Whale Sac – One of the premier chalk bags in the game, these bags have a great look to them and they have great grip. The bag can be seen in many pros hands during those hot and sticky rounds or during those stressful moments. Players such as Paige Pierce, Zoe Andyke, Eric Oakley, Eagle McMahon, Nate Perkins, and many more use these during their rounds. These are some of the best chalk bags in the game and you should try on out and see if you like it. They tie on and stay anywhere you tie them.

Here is what they have to say about these bags: “A Whale Sac is a tie-on, whale-shaped grip bag that is designed to dry your wet/sweaty hands during activities and sports that require hand and finger grip. The tail will tie to your bag, belt loop, etc. for easy access. Grab a sac and roll it in your hands, between fingers, you also can rub onto your disc, equipment, etc. Filling: clay based stone/powder – non-rosin, cleaner than chalk.

Best of all, these custom Whale Sacs are customized with the Discin’ Disciples logo featuring a grunge, chalk style back with club logo juxtaposed with a solid black with club logo on opposite side.

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