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Disc In The Dark

HALO Glow Light

HALO Glow Light

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• An intense UV light source that can stay in a player’s disc pouch, bag, backpack, or cart for the whole round of glow disc golf.

•For most of the game, the HALO is not shining. Right before a player throws, the player can briefly turn it on to charge their disc. When they reach for their disc, the HALO is already off. 

• Rechargeable battery that can last more than two 18-hole rounds between charges.

•USB Type C charging cable is included 

•RF remote is used to trigger the HALO

•Using a paperclip, the HALO can be reconfigured to: pair or unpair additional remotes; change the amount of time the HALO stays on when the remote is pressed (from 1 - 10 seconds); convert the HALO to stay on continuously at a lower brightness without needing the remote to trigger it. NOTE: The QR code on the back of the packaging provides the instructions for making these changes. 

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