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Max Disctance

Max Disctance Max Stick Accessories

Max Disctance Max Stick Accessories

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 Max Disctance has designed a custom mold suction cup ball attachment to fit onto existing disc retrievers. This isn't your ordinary suction cup technology; they have increased the power and durability of their suction cup and have made sure to make the inner ball was water tight so that it wouldn’t become water logged. Wth this, they made sure that they brought us a far superior product that is not only versatile for almost every situation, but one that you can rely on. 

Max Disctance CF Accessories:

CF Bag Clips:

Want one of the hottest retrievers on the market, but don’t know how to fit it in your bag? We have the solution, a clip that you can connect to your bag to hold your favorite CF retrievers!

CF Pole Cart Clips:

These are universal cart clips for your disc golf carts. They use zip ties to attach. (black zip ties included). Simply snap your retriever into the clip!

NEW! Lower cart mounts matching Zuca Colors!

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